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Areas of potential focus include: Incident management/emergency vehicle management, Freight mobility/commercial vehicles, En-route driver information, Disaster response and evacuation, Archived "big data", and Environmental/eco-friendly applications.

SSMC Expertise:

The UT Consortium members are nationally recognized experts in intelligent transportation systems. The team members have a combination of in-depth familiarity with various areas related to ITS deployment and evaluation. Additionally, they have expertise in proof of concept, test-beds and operational tests, incident management, work zone management, multi-modal transportation systems, advanced traveler information systems and big data modeling and simulation, energy/emissions, embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, software/apps, algorithms, computing (cloud), and cyber-security.

Recent activities




Traffic control

Dr. Asad Khattak

Dr. Khattak is Beaman Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Transportation Program Coordinator in the Department. Dr. Khattak received his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University in 1988 and 1991, respectively. Dr. Khattak's research focuses on various types of innovations related to 1) intelligent transportation systems, 2) transportation safety, and 3) sustainable transportation. Read more about Dr. Khattak and his recent work.....

Dr. Chris Cherry

Dr. Chris Cherry is an Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee. He received his BS and MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona and received his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 2007.His research interests include multimodal transportation planning and operations, public transportation systems, travel behavior and demand, transportation economics, sustainable transportation and transit security. Read more about Dr. Cherry and his recent work.....

Dr. Airton Kohls

Research Associate Airton Kohls - Dr. Airton G. Kohls - Dr. Kohls is currently appointed as a Research Associate at the University of Tennessee Center for Transportation Research. He received his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Tennessee in 2010. His Ph.D. research focus on Adaptive Traffic Signal Control. Dr. Kohls is the developer and lead instructor of the Traffic Signal Academy, a program recommended by FHWA's Arterial Management Program since 2012. Dr. Kohls has program management experience from his 10 years of work in Brazil and was a Principal Investigator for the FHWA Upgrade of Geographic Information System project in 2014, Principal Investigator for TDOT Extreme Weather Vulnerability Assessment in 2013 and FHWA NHI Highway Traffic Noise in 2012.Dr. Kohls is a member of ITE and a reviewer for the TRB Traffic Signal Committee.

Dr. Subhadeep Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Subhadeep Chakraborty - Mechanical engineering, travel behavior. Dr. Chakraborty is currently appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Tennessee. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a dual M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University in 2010. His Ph.D. research focused on data-driven techniques for monitoring complex systems. He further developed this topic as a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Chakraborty's research encompasses the broad topics of collaborative decision making in the context of connected vehicles. More specifically, he focuses on modeling and learning individual driver's decision-making as a function of group driving behavior. He uses GPS and IMU sensor data for deploying learning algorithms. His research also involves multi-agent optimization of groups of vehicles to minimize damage due to secondary crashes. With grants from the Volkswagen Research Initiative, Dr. Chakraborty has instrumented a car with lasers, 360-degree camera, GPS and IMU units and is conducting studies for learning driver behavior in a connected environment. His group is also developing a distributed platform for simulating the connected vehicle environment, which will be useful for investigating the role of optimization algorithms and message transfer delays in deploying driver assist systems. His relevant professional affiliations include membership of IEEE and IEEE Robotics associations, and he has served as reviewer and session chair for numerous IEEE and ASME conferences.

Dr. Mingzhou Jin

Associate Professor Mingzhou Jin - industrial engineering, systems engineering. Dr. Mingzhou Jin is the Associate Professor and Associate Department Head of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at UT and also directing both the Logistics, Transportation, and Supply Chain Engineering (LTS) lab and the Reliability and Maintainability Engineering (RME) program for the College of Engineering. He has done about 40 projects in the areas of transportation, optimization, systems engineering, and logistics with total funding of more than $8M. His sponsors include USDOT, Department of Homeland Security, three State DOTs, American Trucking Associations, several University Transportation Centers, and various companies. He has been a consultant for the Chief technical consultant for New Global Systems for Intelligent Transportation Management (NGSIM) since 2009. With more than $2M funding from USDOT, NGSIM is developing a microscopic simulation package to support connected vehicles research and education. Dr. Jin has been also working on how to use connected vehicles technology to improve the safety and mobility performance at signalized intersections and to improve battery performance and driver experience for electric vehicles. Dr. Jin is currently the president of the Engineering Economy division of the Institute for Industrial Engineers (IIE), the president-to-elect of the IIE Logistics and Supply Chain Division, and the secretary of the INFORMS Railway Application Society. He is serving on the editorial boards of the world-famous journals of the Engineering Economists, the Journal of Cleaner Production, and the International Journal of Production Economics. He has published more than 80 research papers in journals and refereed conferences, such as Transportation Research Part B, Transportation Research Record, Naval Research Logistics, Operations Research Letters, European Journal of Operational Research, and Journal of Transportation Research Forum.

Dr. Qing Cao

Assistant Professor Qing Cao - Electrical engineering, mobile sensor systems. Professor Cao is currently an assistant professor at the EECS department of the University of Tennessee. He obtained his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Illinois in 2008. He has published more than 50 papers with more than 2,600 citations, including two best paper awards, and one best paper runner-up since 2008. He also has considerable experience in developing large-scale software packages, where he has previously led the development of an embedded operating system called LiteOS, an operating system that exports user-friendly abstractions for operating, programming, and deploying software on sensor network. Cao has worked on previous projects sponsored by NSF and DOE, such as his NSF CAREER project, "CAREER: Operating System based Energy Virtualization for Sensor Networks". Through these projects, Cao has accumulated rich experience in networking, embedded systems, and sensor networks. He has applied such expertise to connected vehicle networks in recent years, focusing on its software and networking challenges. Through these previously funded projects, Dr. Cao participated into the activities of advising 6 Ph.D. students and 5 Master students, including two female students. Cao is a member of IEEE, ACM, and the IEEE computer society.

Dr. Mark Dean

Distinguished Professor Mark Dean - Electrical engineering, security and large data. Dr. Dean is a John Fisher Distinguished Professor at the University Of Tennessee, College Of Engineering. His research focus is in advanced computer architecture (beyond Von Neumann systems), data centric computing, computational sciences and sensor array systems for environmental monitoring and analysis. Prior to UT Dr. Dean worked for IBM for 34 years, retiring as an IBM Fellow and vice president of Research. Of the 39 patents issued to Dr. Dean, he holds three of the nine patents for the original IBM PC. Dr. Dean's degrees include: a BSEE from the University of Tennessee, a MSEE from Florida Atlantic University, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Dr. Dean's honors include: National Institute of Science Outstanding Scientist Award, AAAS member, NAE member, IEEE Fellow, Black Engineering of the Year, Ronald H. Brown American Innovators Award, and the National Inventor's Hall of Fame.

Dr. Shashi Nambisan

Professor Shashi Nambisan - Civil & environmental engineering, education, training and outreach. Dr. Shashi Nambisan received his Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley in 1989 and MS from Virginia Tech in 1985. Dr. Nambisan is a Professor of Civil Engineering at University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT). He was previously at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, where he was professor of Civil Engineering and formerly the director of the Institute for Transportation. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Nevada. Dr. Nambisan has more than 25 years of experience in transportation including more than 20 years leading the development and growth of research enterprises. He has led over 150 projects on a broad range of issues in transportation and infrastructure systems management related to policy, planning, operations, safety, and risk analysis. His research projects have involved local, statewide, regional, and national issues in transportation and information systems management, primarily related to the development and deployment of decision support tools. He has more than 125 peer reviewed journal and conference publications, and made over 220 technical presentations. Over the past 2 decades Dr. Nambisan has been an active in leader in several professional organizations such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society for Engineering Education, Council of University Transportation Centers, Institute of Transportation Engineers, and Transportation Research Board. Among the awards and honors received by Dr. Nambisan is a proclamation by the Governor of the state of Nevada designating January 31, 2007 as the "Professor Shashi Nambisan Day" to recognize his leadership and contributions to enhancing transportation safety.


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