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Transportation faculty are involved in editing of several journals. These include:


Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Technology, Planning, and Operations

Published By: Taylor & Francis

Frequency: 4 issues per year

Print ISSN: 1547-2450/Online ISSN: 1547-2442

Dr. Asad Khattak is the editor of Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems. The Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems is devoted to scholarly research on the development, planning, management, operation, and evaluation of intelligent transportation systems. Characterized by the application of information and communication technologies to transportation, such systems provide innovative solutions to contemporary transportation problems. They encompass the full scope of information technologies used in transportation, including control, computation and communication, as well as algorithms, databases, models, and human interfaces. The emergence of these technologies as a pathway for transportation is a relatively new field of research. The Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems is particularly interested in research that leads to the development of such systems and improved planning and operation of the transportation system through the application of these new technologies. The journal also publishes papers that add to the scientific understanding of ITS impacts on accessibility, congestion, pollution, safety, security, noise, and energy and resource consumption. The journal is interdisciplinary and multi-modal, dealing with research in the fields of engineering, economics, planning, policy, business, and management, and in all forms of ground, air, and water transportation. Example topics include:

The Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems has a 2013 Impact Factor of 1.250

The editors of the Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems (JITS) are pleased to announce that the JITS impact factor is 1.250 for 2013 and the 5-year impact factor is 1.841. Once again, this places JITS as one of the highly ranked journals in the growing field of intelligent transportation systems. Among transportation science and technology journals, it is ranked 16th out of 32, based on 2013 Thomson Reuters, Journal Citation Reports. This result was made possible with the valuable contributions of the editors, authors, and reviewers.

Additional journal metrics available for JITS from the website include:

The editors and Taylor & Francis staff are very pleased with the journal's performance. They are working to further increase the visibility and awareness of JITS by posting free links to the top-cited and top-downloaded articles. Note that high impact factors increase the visibility and awareness of journals, driving up usage and journal distribution. All papers appearing in JITS are available online at: Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems


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