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Traffic simulation means the simulation with computer software that uses mathematical models to conduct experiments with traffic events on a transportation network or system over time. There are three categories of simulation models, microsimulation models, macroscopic models, and mesoscopic models. Not only software mentioned below, but also ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Synchro and other software are used for transportation studies, for example, spatial analysis, roadway geometric design, and signal optimization.

UT transportation computer lab has 8 high performance computers and software such as PTV VISSIM and Synchro for lab classes. CE 456, Transportation Engineering Lab uses this facility to experience variable transportation simulation software and tools. Up to 50 students can use this room at the same time and there are plenty of rooms to use personal laptops. Also, the lab provides facilities such as screen, projector, and connections for presentation and teaching.

Transportation Softwares

Microsimulation Macroscopic Mesoscopic Hybrid


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