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Below information is from Dr. Lee Han's FAQ

Q: I'm interested in pursuing advanced degrees in traffic or transportation engineering at UT. How do I go about applying for admission and financial assistance?

A: Basic requirments

GPA: TOEFL: GRE: Research Experience: For students who want to be considered for financial assistance, the requirements are obviously higher because of the keen competition. Without a formal application through UT's official admission process, we cannot and will not speculate on the likelihood of admission or the prospect of financial support.

Q: I'm interested in one of journal papers listed in Research-Publication. Where can I get a copy of it?

A: Depending on the publishers of the specific journals, you may or may not be able to obtain a copy, typically in PDF format, on the web. This is especially challenging with paper-based for-profit journals. The best way to find these papers is through Thomson Reuters's Web of Science site, which is available to all major universities and research institutions. Many papers are transportation related, so you might want to try the National Academies' free TRIS system under Transportation Research Board.

Q: I'm a graduate student at UT and would like to minor in Statistics or get a MS degree in Statistics with the PhD or MS degree I'm pursuing in Civil Engineering. What should I do?

A: UT has an excellent Intercollegiate Graduate Statistics Program (IGSP) that governs this matter. CE graduate students need to complete all of the paperwork well in advance, take approved statistical courses, and meet graduate committee faculty member requirements to attain the minor or MS degree in Statistics. UT's IGSP site has detailed descriptions of the process and even a flowchart to guide you through the process.


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