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Accomplishments in 2016 of Transportation Students and the ITE Student Chapter


Engineers Day

For more than a century now, the College of Engineering at the UT has hosted "Engineer's day," an event organized for university students and faculty to spend time high school students who express interest in pursuing degree programs in engineering. The purpose of this event is to provide the avenue for pre-collegiate students to explore and learn about the various aspects of engineering through discussions, project demonstrations and exhibits prepared by UT engineering student clubs and societies. The program is organized each year in the month of October and attracts thousands of high school students from across this region. In 2015, the program hosted about 1,300 students from 49 high schools..

In the 2015 Engineer's day event, our ITE chapter had an opportunity to engage and excite the participants in several transportation engineering activities. Participants were given a brief introduction about transportation engineering and the many opportunities that await students who pursue studies in the field. Our 2015 exhibits included four interactive displays and a game, namely, (1) an electric bicycle used in UT Knoxville's electric bicycle sharing project called "Cycle U Share," (2) a driving simulator, (3) a demonstration of a real time license plate recognition display which allowed students to try to 'outsmart' the technology by racing license plates down the hallways, (4) an interactive game involving finding the least number of trips for a flight, (5) and display of several kinds of transportation simulation software packages. Our chapter was awarded first place in student organization exhibits for the 2015 Engineers Day event.


Summer Transportation Education Programs

In Summer 2015, different transportation educational activities were organized by the Transportation Engineering & Science Program (TESP) at the University of Tennessee for both teachers and middle and high school students. Some of our chapter members participated and made immense contributions to the successes of those education programs. Details of the programs are discussed below:


Traffic Bowl

International ITE Traffic Bowl Rules 2013

A team for the ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl shall consist of up to four (4) student members, all from the same university. Up to three (3) team members will participate during a traffic bowl game with one serving as an alternate to replace another member during the competition. A substitution may take place during a game in the case of illness.

Each team member must be a full-time student of the university that they represent, a member of International ITE, and have not reached their 27th birthday as of August 1, 2013. For teams within the United States and Canada, each student must be a member of their university's chartered ITE student chapter.

International activities

Technion Summer Program - Transportation Engineering (Israel Institute of Technology)

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Transportation Departmrnt) at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology will be offering a Summer Program in Models for Demand Analysis (July 29 - August 27, 2014) .

The program is designed for Outstanding Postgraduate and Senior Undergraduate Students and will concentrate on a course on the subject given by Prof. Tomer Toledo, Prof. Yoram Shiftan and Prof. Shlomo Bekhor.

The program will also include trips around Israel, labs and industry visits and an academic course on the History of Israel and the Middle East.

For further information please contact us at:

For additional information about the program please click here.

For application form please click here (at the bottom of the page)


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