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Transportation Engineering and Science Program

Course Requirements:

The Transportation Engineering concentration is offered in both thesis and non-thesis options. Students are required to take CE 551, 552, 553, and 558. A seminar course of CE 550 should be taken each semester also. Several advanced courses in Transportation Engineering including CE 547, 554, 556, 651, and 652 are also offered. In addition special topic courses including intermodal operations, international transportation systems, safety, intelligent transportation system and sustainability are also periodically offered as CE 595 based on demand. Many courses outside the department are encouraged, including but not limited to, courses from statistics, industrial engineering, geography, and mechanical engineering departments. All courses must be approved by the student's graduate committee. An oral defense exam is required for the thesis option. All Non-thesis M.S. students are required to take a culminating written examination. The written exam is offered twice a year - Fall and Spring Terms.

TESP Course Planning for Graduate Students

2017 Fall

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