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Transportation Engineering and Science Program

The TennSMART multimodal smart mobility park is a test bed facility for research, development, and deployment of connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technologies. The activities undertaken by the partners create new knowledge about the performance of technologies and their impacts in terms of safety, mobility, and environmental sustainability. The initial network of collaborators includes Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); Tennessee Technological University (TTU); and The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK). It is receiving strong support from all entities owning roads or having jurisdiction over infrastructure, especially the State of Tennessee. TennSMART is a high impact, transformational facility that is testing new CAV technologies.

The park encompasses a wide area. At its center is the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP), on the Oak Ridge Reservation. It extends to include the campuses of two university partners, connected by Interstate-40 (I-40), the USDOT alternative fuel corridor, thus comprising test tracks, testing facilities, cities/urban cores, highway corridors, and campuses (see Figure 1). Our existing infrastructure is being employed right now and will be improved and adapted toward a higher degree of connectivity. It combines "official use only" roads with tight access control for testing of lower technology readiness levels for experimental CAVs and "limited access" roads for some interaction with ETTP to fully public roads with various levels of traffic density at our two university campuses and I-40. The park provides more than 35 miles of limited-access and official use only roads and several hundred miles of public roads, ranging from local roads to major arteries. ETTP currently encompasses the road (including walking and bicycling facilities), rail, and water transportation and by 2020 will be expanded to air transportation, resulting in additional available modes.

We bring together a team of experts that includes our faculty, staff and students, who have wide ranging experience in safety, mobility, and environmental sustainability research. Our technical contributors are based at TTU, UTK, and ORNL.


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