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Transportation Engineering and Science Program

What we do

Welcome to the Transportation Engineering & Science Program at the University of Tennessee! Transportation impacts many aspects of the world's economy, and has a direct relationship to quality of life. A variety of transportation challenges exist that have the potential to impact the position of Tennessee and the nation in the global marketplace and economic competitiveness, as well as to negatively affect the life of the average person in terms of safety, congestion, pollution. The challenges include mitigating transportation problems while reducing energy consumption and improving the condition of the transportation infrastructure. Recognizing the need to develop appropriate solutions to transportation problems, the transportation faculty in Civil & Environmental Engineering Department is actively involved in educating the transportation workforce of the future, conducting research on transportation innovations and disseminating knowledge to researchers and practitioners. We are continuing to expand our research, education, work force development and technology transfer activities. We are focusing resources in this same thematic area, to address existing and emerging transportation challenges in the Southeast, across the US, and throughout the world. The University of Tennessee (UT) and Southeastern Transportation Center (STC) have effectively led university-based activities in USDOT's Region 4 since 1995. The CEE Transportation Engineering & Science Program (TESP) has the following strengths:

Mission and Goals

The missions of the UTK Transportation Engineering and Science Program (TESP) are to contribute to the advancement of transportation in three ways:


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